Eine Filmreihe mit iranischen Filmen. Insgesamt sollen fünf Filme gezeigt und anschließend diskutiert werden.

  1. I Want to Be a King (2015)

Director: Mehdi Ganji

Abbas, an Iranian ambitious job-creator, has a successful business in ecotourism with his family’s help, now he wants to remarry to promote his business, but his wife is against him.


  1. Wedding: A Film (2015)

Director: Mohammadreza Farzad

Wedding: A Film is a personal, poetic essay in which Mohammadreza Farzad tries to understand the institution and concept of marriage. Farzad does a survey of your levels; he plays his own wedding video over and over again to look for early signs of unhappiness in his marriage and a future divorce. He looks at other people’s wedding videos to investigate whether a happy wedding means, and is, synonymous with a happy marriage. The hunt for answers goes from the personal and empties into the issues of marriage function in society. 


  1. House of Sun (2017)

Director: Mehdi Bagheri

140 year of life,love and hate in the Naser khosrow’s street .This film the history of Naser khosrow’s street in the Udlagan neighborhood and Shsams al-Amareh Palace in 140 years.


  1. Love in Close-Up (2018)

Director: Iman Behrouzi

Three Iranian women, Three love stories in the streets of Tehran.


  1. 20th Circuit Suspects (2017)

Director: Hesam Eslami

Six years in the life of an adolescent crime gang that breaks into cars in the streets of Tehran.

Nach den Filmen sollen jeweils Diskussionsrunden stattfinden, in denen die Filme und darin angesprochene Themen diskutiert werden.



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