Werewolf – Game night and fundraiser by the Association of Ukrainian students at the University of Bonn

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Have you ever played Werewolf? If yes, then probably, you had a lot of fun and want to repeat it! If not, it is a great time to start!

Language: English

What is Werewolf? đŸș

Werewolf is an intellectual psychological game where the disorganized majority (citizens’ team) plays against the organized minority (werewolves’ team). During the night, werewolves remove citizens from the game, while during the day everyone can vote against the one who is suspected to be a werewolf and remove this person from the game. The citizens’ aim is to remove all werewolves from the game, and the werewolves’ aim is to become a majority in the city.

🎼 There will be also other board games for people who skip some of the Werewolf games during the evening!

⭐ At the event, there will be a possibility to order Ukrainian merch and donate for Ukraine! All the money will go to the Charity Foundation of Kyiv School of Economics for the reconstruction of the war destroyed hospital in the liberated settlement Makariv in Ukraine.

If you plan to join, please, fill out the registration form: https://bit.ly/3tZDJaa

The Game will take place on the 3rd Floor of the MIGRApolis.

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